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The Honduran Caravan: America’s Moral Obligation

Emily Hulen, Staff Writer

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President Donald Trump has made multiple comments on the “caravan” of Honduran immigrants heading toward the United States-none of which have been positive. Their feelings are greatly expressed and have large effects on many people.

Comments include the promise to cut any aid being given to Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras if they do not force their citizens to stay away from the US border. Mike Pence makes a statement without any evidence “it’s inconceivable that there are not people of middle eastern descent in a crowd of more than 7,000 people advancing toward our border,” concluding that terrorists must be among these people. Both the president and vice president agreed upon the claim that the democrats organized the entire thing.  

Our president is completely against this caravan coming into the United States which raises the question – does America have a moral obligation to these immigrants? Raytown High School students say yes.

Freshman Jacob Hall stated his feelings on the comments, “Mr. Trump should be more lenient because they are going through conflict just as we did with Britain. We should all stick together as a human race, not isolating each other.”

When asked the same question junior Halle McConnell stated, “The comments were very rash and unthoughtful, it’s very unfortunate we do not have a president that can see all humans are humans.”

Senior Caleb Nading stated, “The countries they are leaving have nothing to give them to help them live the life they deserve. They deserve the same quality of life as Americans, we are all the same.”

The overall consensus from Raytown High School students is that Donald Trump was diminishing the fact that these people are human too. The comments he made make them seem as if they do not deserve the same as us and our country. After thinking about Trump’s comments, and their own thoughts, all three agreed that America does have a moral obligation to the caravan of immigrants.

Hall stated, “They are coming here for a better life, not to spread crime.”

McConnell stated, “We have an obligation to anyone escaping a country as ravished as that one.”

Nading stated, “The quote on the statue of Liberty is all about how everyone is welcome in this country, and since we lead every other nation in economics, technology, and living style, while making it known that we are the land of the free and have promised to provide that to anyone who wants to pursue it, of course we’re going to have immigrants, and of course we have an obligation to them.”

America is the leading country in economics, and technology, thus, making it the land of opportunity. This makes America attractive to many people and encourage them to immigrant here. Since America does have the experience of going through a flee from Britain, we should empathize with these people. The moral obligation comes from what America is–immigrants that left a country, just as these people are leaving their country. In order to seek a happier life, Americans left their comfort zone within a country and made a better life for themselves. It is up to us to help the immigrants and give them a new home.

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The Honduran Caravan: America’s Moral Obligation