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Second Time’s a Charm

Titanic 2 has resumed building and has a scheduled sail date.

Amber Walter, Staff Writer

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On April 15, 1912, a horrible tragedy struck. The Titanic struck an iceberg and sank, killing 1,503 people. Now, over a hundred years later a second Titanic is being made. Titanic 2 is set to sail in 2022 and while several modifications have been made, one thing stays the same. Titanic 2 will sail the same path. As eerie as it sounds, many people are thrilled to hear about the recreation of the timeless ship.

There are varying opinions on Titanic 2. Some may think that the creators are tempting fate, while others may think that a successful voyage is a way to heal.

When the first Titanic sank, there were several issues, one of those issues being the lack of lifeboats on the ship. The lack of lifeboats caused several deaths. “Mr. Palmer said the ship would hold 2,435 passengers in first-, second- and third-class cabins — and include more than enough room for all of them in fully enclosed, motorized lifeboats.” Karen Zraick wrote in her article “Tycoon Plans a Titanic II (This One Will Have More Lifeboats).” This shows that the new creator of the ship is making safer choices to protect all the people on the ship.

Along with adding lifeboats, many other additions have been made. Most of the ships new structure has been modified to be safer but still keep the same aesthetic as the original ship.

While many aspects of the ship are changing, several will stay the same. Ticket prices have not yet been set, but the ship will sail sometime in 2022. Titanic 2 has the perfect mix of something old and something new and hopefully, at the end of the day, it will also have an amazing story to tell. A story of growth.

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