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Cancelling is Cancelled

Ty Richardson, Staff Writer

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The word “cancel” has adopted a new meaning in the past few years with the help of social media. As people become more intolerant of hot button issues like racism, homophobia and abuse or assault, social media found a way to halt the support of artist who have engaged in any of these behaviors. “Cancel” is a trope applied to artist when their actions are offensive and they are deemed no longer worthy of support.

There is no set moral line of what somebody has to do to get cancelled so entertainers can get cancelled for a plethora of reasons. An example of a more severe accusation was when XXXTentacion was accused of beating his pregnant girlfriend. He was arrested on charges for this and faced trial before his unrelated murder. This caused a lot of division on twitter, while a lot of people supported XXXTentacion throughout the allegations, many people decided that he should no longer be supported.

Brother Nature is a social media personality known for his friendly interactions with animals. He became the subject of attention when tweets from 2011 resurfaced with him saying offensive things among the lines of “White Power” and “I’m Hitler everyone’s a nazi”, the latter of which is a Tyler, The Creator lyric from the same year. While these tweets are offensive, in 2011, Brother Nature was only 13. It seems unfair to judge a person’s actions when they were only 13, especially if they caused no true harm.

Without structure, cancel culture can quickly become a way to silence people that are simply disliked or hard to agree with. While it’s good to call out people who aren’t deserving of support, there has to be a defined line that people have to cross in order for someone to get cancelled. Brother Nature shouldn’t be given the same treatment as XXXTentacion and vice versa.

Cancelling is a very necessary thing after multiple entertainers got away with sexual assault and abuse, but as time passes it has been downgraded as a way to get rid of anybody people dislike or disagree with, and that isn’t a rational way to solve problems. There are plenty of entertainers who have these accusations and are doing well, while some entertainers who were accused of more debatable subjects have had their careers completely ended. Cancelling needs structure, because without a consistent scale it will never feel balanced.

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Cancelling is Cancelled