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Extended School Year

Jasmin Saxton, Staff Writer

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        On Thursday, February the 15th, students left for a four day weekend. Instead, they end up with a week and one day off from school due to winter weather. Schools took precautions when weather channels showed that ice storms and slick roads would become a hazard each night. For the moment, students were loving the idea. In the long run, many wish they could have attended school because this means a longer school year. The upperclassmen (seniors) will not have to make up the snow days, instead they received a small break from school and last day will remain May 11th. As for lowerclassmen, they will be attending school for an extra week to make up the work they are behind on. These snow days screwed up teachers planned lessons, learning plans have been adjusted to fit the upcoming school days.

     On Facebook, one student suggested that schools exchange Spring Break for those added on snow days. Others disagreed and thought that the idea was “irrational.” Spring Break is the time to travel and have fun, not be in school. Is this idea a great one or is it insane?  “Snow days may seem awesome,” but they do affect schools in the long run. The school year is now extended, any planned trips during the extra week might want to be pushed back in order to finish out the school year.

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Extended School Year