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The Fight Rages On The Fight to Keep Tennis as a Club

Amber Walter, Staff Writer

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At the beginning of all 2017, many people of different grades and genders picked up their tennis rackets and went to practice for the team. After taking a brief break for winter, those same people and more are picking up their rackets and heading off to practice for the Raytown High School tennis team. Except this time is different. This time, when they pick up their rackets they know that as of now tennis is no longer a sponsored sport for the upcoming 2018 school year.

The woman keeping this team alive is Katie Bolton. She was very excited to have the team at the beginning of the year and was sad about the break they had to take when winter rolled around. “We took a small break,” She laughed. “No one wants to play tennis in the cold.”

Last week when the club picked up once again, Ms. Bolton invited anyone and everyone to join. “You don’t even have to own a racket.” She joked. “No one knows what they’re doing. They are here to learn and have fun. That’s what this is about.”

The tennis team will be playing from now until the end of the year; hopefully inviting new members to join. Ms. Bolton is very hopeful in bringing the sport back again, although it may seem hopeless. She plans on trying when the 2018 school year picks up in August to make it an official school sport once more.

As for now, the fight carries on, and the tennis players will keep playing in hopes that their sport will be renewed for a new year.

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The Fight Rages On The Fight to Keep Tennis as a Club