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Bad Timing

Raytown Schools posed with another online threat, leading to the FBI getting involved.

Dustin Alexander, Sports Editor

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The Raytown School District is being forced to deal with yet another school shooting threat via social media.

A snapchat post surfaced February 25th, warning kids not to come to school tomorrow, while the frustration seemed to come from bullying.

The Raytown police started receiving calls around 3 pm Sunday, and have since received hundreds of calls.

The school district sent out a call to parents late that evening, updating them on the situation, and saying they are  working with the FBI to handle the situation.

While school shooting threats are unfortunately not too uncommon, this specific threat comes at a rather sensitive time. Less than a week apart from the shooting in Florida, where 17 students and staff members were killed.

Extra police force was present throughout the day, and superintendent Dr. Allan Markley was seen roaming the RHS campus. Even with efforts to keep the school safe, attendance rates were still extremely low. Classes were extremely small, where typically 25 students rooms seated about 11 kids.

It’s been more than 18 years since the world was shocked by the Columbine shooting. Laws have been passed, security has been added, but not much has changed. Kids still feel uneasy to go to school, and have to deal with threats far too often.

Something needs to change, but it’s hard to say what that is exactly. It should be interesting how Trump handles this situation, as Obama went through many similar trials.


Update: The student posing the threat was a 14 year old middle school female, and has since been taken into custody. The gun was never real, and the student claimed her goal was only to miss school that day.

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Bad Timing