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Cape Town Businesses Owners Fear Water Taps May Be Running Low

MaKayla Webb, Staff Writer

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Cape Town, which has 4 million people is suffering from a severe drought that may possibly go dry around June. A survey that was done by the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry found that 7% of businesses plan to close if the taps are shut off and nearly 80% of companies say that water shortages threaten the ability to operate. Megan Van Rooyen, the owner of a local salon, told CNN  that she might have to start asking her clients to bring their own water to have their hair shampooed because of the severe drought that they are experiencing.  Other businesses told the chamber of commerce that they are cutting back on water use by strongly encouraging employees not to  flush the toilets and to use hand sanitizer for a water wash. For most homes, that means keeping showers under 2 minutes, no watering the garden or washing the car, recycling bathing water where possible and severely limiting dishwasher and washing machine use. “I’m not sure if we’ll be able to avert Day Zero,” said Kevin Winter, lead researcher at an urban water group at the University of Cape Town. “We’re using too much water, and we can’t contain it. It’s tragic.” Water will keep flowing to some businesses on Day Zero, but authorities have yet detailed which companies will qualify. The crisis was declared a national disaster on Tuesday. Residents will have to get their allotted 25 liters of water a day from one of the city’s 200 collection points. That could mean long lines, and a pain for businesses. “If our staff can’t get water and have to spend long hours queuing when they should be at work it will cripple our business,” said another survey respondent.

Cape Town isn’t looking so good and hopefully they can recover from this severe drought.

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Cape Town Businesses Owners Fear Water Taps May Be Running Low