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Justice League Movie Review

Chance Prosser, Web Editor

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Justice League, despite all the build up leading up to it, is a rushed mess of a story that relies solely on the action of the characters to show the little character development they have and the holes in the story.

In Justice League, in the aftermath of the death of Superman (Henry Cavill), Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck), the masked vigilante Batman, assembles a team of other superheroes. Together, they unite to face off against Steppenwolf (Ciarán Hinds), who seeks to use the powerful Mother Boxes to reshape Earth.

To start off, the only aspect the film got right regarding the superhero genre is the action. While the fight scenes were good, it ultimately fails to impress the high standards set upon it. Ultimately, the action’s decency was not enough to leave a lasting impression.

Asides from Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince (Gal Gadot), or Wonder Woman, there is little individual interaction between the members of the Justice League. This can be blamed on the poor plot, which was rushed to skip right to the action.

The few scenes with the other members of the Justice League showed lack of character, making them one-dimensional. From Barry Allen’s (Ezra Miller) awkward quirkiness as the Flash to the brooding Victor Stone (Ray Fisher) as Cyborg, the characters are defined mostly by single traits. While they do go through character development, it really is not seen fully and has it seem like they remain unchanged.

Even though there was little character interaction, the actors acting in their individual scenes is somewhat noteworthy. They will likely excel when it comes to standalone solo films.
Steppenwolf is suppose to be menacing and challenging enough for multiple groups of characters. Yet, his portrayal in the film was dull as he quickly fell into the alien invaders want to destroy the world. There was so much potential for him and it went up in flames.

Finally, Justice League lost the team feeling it had when the story had Superman save the day and do better than everyone else. It is pointless to form of a team of powered individuals when there is one hero who is more powerful than the team combined and can deal with the villain mostly by himself.

In the end, Justice League was a waste of time for anyone to see. Hopefully, the standalone films the characters are getting will improve, but do not have high expectations moving forward.

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Justice League Movie Review