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Video Games and Their Positive Effects

Jason Jones, Staff Writer

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Video games have positive effects they can potentially increase children’s learning, health and social skills according to American Psychological Association.

Video games also provide a wide variety of emotional, cognitive, motivational, and social benefits. They can even improve your mood and have a positive effect in your emotional state.

“Video games especially shooting and action packed video games give you a wide variety of cognitive skills” says Matthew Cenzon. With this only being the bare minimum of positive effects there are still many such as hand-eye coordination, good sportsmanship, fairplay, stress reduction, teamwork, coping mechanisms and happiness says Matthew Cenzon.

If you combine all of this you can see video games make people healthier. This makes people healthier because games like guitar hero require physical movement, and improves attention spans.

Video games can also improve your basic visual processes which are consisted of visual contrast sensitivity and successful treatment of amblyopia(lazy eye)says Matthew Cenzon. They can also improve your attention span and vigilance which are the ability to track moving objects, reduces impulsiveness and helps you overcome dyslexia says Matthew Cenzon. Video games also improve your executive functioning which are your mental resources such as (memory, attention, perception) says Matthew Cenzon.

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Video Games and Their Positive Effects