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Restaurant Wars: Chinese Edition

Kimberly Flores and Lillith Vieux

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Two local Chinese restaurants engage in a battle of price, quality, and atmosphere. Ma Ma China and Raytown To Go are two restaurants that are both located in Raytown.

We put these places to the test in order to find who is the champion of Raytown Chinese food. The champion excels in the following three categories: price, quality of food, and atmosphere.

The first category to be considered was price–specifically who has the cheapest food. Ma Ma China and Raytown To Go both are different in the way they price things; Ma Ma China has $10 for each person while Raytown To Go has a set price for each item on the menu, usually ranging from $6 to $9, and won this category for being the cheapest option.

Despite being second, quality of food is as important, if not even more, as price. Ma Ma China’s most popular option is the buffet, but often the food on the buffet is not fresh. While Ma Ma China is all you can eat, Raytown To Go gives large proportions that is equally filling. Raytown To Go also serves their food fresh and overall tastes much better than Ma Ma China’s buffet. Raytown To Go wins this category by a landslide over Ma Ma China.

While this next category may not concern some people, atmosphere is an important aspect of eating out. Ma Ma China is a large restaurant with lots of seating, but with that comes a louder crowd. Raytown To Go is a much smaller restaurant which leads to a quieter and intimate meal. Depending on personal preference, Ma Ma China works better with a larger group, while Raytown To Go is suitable for one to three people.

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Restaurant Wars: Chinese Edition