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On September 22, 2017, Sleeping With Sirens released their long awaited fifth studio album, Gossip.

The album is miles from the post-hardcore sound that SWS was founded on while still having a distinct presence that could belong only to the band headed by frontman and lyricist Kellin Quinn. He is joined by bassist Justin Hills, drummer Gabe Barham, and rhythm and lead guitarists Nick Martin and Jack Fowler, respectively.

Gossip follows the path set by the 2015 release Madness.

Critics complain about the pop sound of some tracks. Their grievances are well founded.

The lead single, “Legends,” is poppy, repetitive, and corny. Even so, it’s unprecedentedly  catchy.

Other songs follow the light hearted theme and pop genre of “Legends.” “One Man Army” and “The Chase” both show the power and beauty of being independent while being stronger lyrically than the lead single.

In contrast, songs like “Gossip,” “Trouble,” “Hole in My Heart,” and “War” are extremely dark (the lyrics cover topics such as depression, difficulty in social relationships, and battered reputations) while still being beautiful. “Trouble” has a buoyant, alt-pop sound although their lyrics are so disheartening.

And although “I Need to Know” was a lost-love themed track (a topic that has been sung about over and over again), Sleeping With Sirens were somehow able to pull it off with grace and elegance.

Even while taking into account the several missteps on the album, it is still a successful attempt at a powerful and meaningful album.

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