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The Terrifying Masterpiece of It

Chance Prosser, Web Editor

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It is a horrifying yet amazing movie that only the brave of heart should consider seeing.

The movie takes place in fictional Derry, Maine, during the summer of 1989. A group of outcast children calling themselves the Loser Club find out that their town has been terrorized by an evil, shape shifting monster simply referred to as It (Bill Skarsgard). Led by Bill Denbrough (Jaeden Lieberher), the Loser Club sets out to destroy It.

True to the horror film genre, this movie is successful when it comes to scaring the audience. Instead of seeing gory murder scenes, audiences are treated to seeing children face their worst fears. The psychological horror is what makes this movie so terrifying.

The main cast consists mostly of children and teens but they certainly know how to act. As individuals, they show off their personal quirks that make them stand out as characters. As a group, they get to show off the classical unity with similar groups of misfits. Additionally, the fear they showed was realistic, which is an accomplishment given that they should know what to expect.

The true star of the film is Skarsgard, especially when it comes to his portrayal as Pennywise the Dancing Clown, the main form used by It. His childlike personality is what truly makes him intimidating. Even in small scenes, It always has a strong presence.

The visual effects such as the different forms It takes only add to the horror of the film. They are well enough to scare the audience to keep the feeling that comes with a horror genre movie.

There were only a few flaws when it comes to the movie, the two main ones being a love triangle that was so small that it should not have been there, and the fact that the ending lacked that impactful punch. Still, these problems are too small to bring down the quality of the film.

It is a masterpiece when it comes to horror and is more than likely to scare even the bravest of viewers.

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The Terrifying Masterpiece of It