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Blind Dates, Pasta and Family

Lillith Vieux, Staff Writer

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From September 14-16, at 7pm Raytown High School’s Theatre Department put on the hilarious and quite saddening performance “Over the River and Through the Woods”, written by Joe DiPietro. The play was beautifully presented by amazing cast Brandon Rudroff, Iliana Miller, Caleb McCarroll, Kaleb Clemmons, Kylie Butler and Emma Hill. The play is set in New Jersey during the summer, present day.

Nick Cristiano played by Brandon Rudroff is a part of an Italian family, that believes family is the most important part of life. After Nick gives the big news of his move, his grandparents Aida Gianelli (Iliana Miller), Frank Gianelli (Caleb McCarroll), Nunzio Cristiano (Kaleb Clemmons), and Emma Cristiano (Kyler Butler) work together to find a way to keep Nick in New Jersey.

The hilarious comedy/drama had a magical way of making its audience feel at home. Sitting front row, I felt like I was a part of the eccentric family and their life. Iliana Miller played the perfect food-loving grandmother, Aida Gianelli, always making sure her grandkids never went hungry and Caleb McCarroll made a great stubborn grandfather, Frank Gianelli, that we all have and worry about being a danger to his own health and others. Kylie Butler, portraying Emma Cristiano, was the adventurous, religious grandmother with her husband Nunzio Cristiano, played by Kaleb Clemmons being the grandfather dragged along on impromptu trips. I felt right at home, like I was with my own grandparents. Brandon Rudroff truly captured what it was like to be leaving family for the first time as Nick Cristiano grew up and flew from the nest.

The jokes were absolutely hilarious and each student played their part flawlessly, making every imperfection seem like a part of the character. This play was absolutely moving, reinforcing the idea that family is important and to cherish it before it’s gone.

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Blind Dates, Pasta and Family