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Harry Styles is back.

The 23-year-old performer made his musical comeback on April 7 with his long awaited solo debut, “Sign of the Times.” The track was well received by both fans and critics alike.

Styles’ solo endeavors come over a year after his wildly successful boy band One Direction announced their indefinite hiatus.

“Sign of the Times” is very different from the pop songs Styles was previously known for. The track has been compared to something that would have been released by the late David Bowie, and while this comment is a bit extreme, it does have merit.

“Sign of the Times” is a five minute serenade that reveals Styles’ vocal ability. It has attracted not only One Direction fans but lovers of music from a wide assortment of genres.

At first listen, the track can come off as a bit boring. The verses tend to drag due to the slow tempo and low volume. However, the chorus picks up and is attention grabbing.

After having the song on repeat for a while, the emotions become more apparent and make the song a lot more appealing.

Styles followed up the release of “Sign of the Times” with a performance on “Saturday Night Live,” which took place on April 15.

Styles performed the track with a dark demeanor and serious tone to match the mood of the song.

Due to the poor sound quality common for SNL, Styles’ voice was buried in the mix, causing him to raise his voice nearly to a scream in the emotional bridge of the track. While the volume helped add to the poignant moment, it was obvious that Styles was struggling to hit the difficult notes.

Regardless, the performance was well received by both audiences and fault-finders.

Next, Styles debuted the song “Ever Since New York.” The performance was rather underwhelming. Until the studio version of the track is released, it will be difficult to determine its caliber. However, at this time, it is clear that the song follows the pace set by “Sign of the Times” as far as genre is concerned.

Styles proceeded his SNL performances by an appearance on “The Graham Norton Show” on April 21. Not only was that performance more vocally pleasing, Styles also seemed much more enthusiastic than he had when he played his debut solo single on “Saturday Night Live.”

An impressive performer and even better songwriter, Styles keeps his vastly growing audience on edge, awaiting the release of his self titled solo album on May 12.

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