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Evolving Easter

Alexandra Mederos, Managing Editor

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Easter is now celebrated in different ways and for different reasons than in the past.

The Christian holiday began in the mid-second century and was originally meant to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

Over time traditions and meanings have changed. Although some families still spend this holiday commemorating its original intent, most families use it as a time to simply get together and share a meal.

Junior Collin Hall attended a morning church service with his family and then had a meal at his great grandmother’s home.

“All of my aunts and grandmas get together to make a huge feast, sweet potatoes, vegetables, rolls, but honey ham and casseroles are their specialty,” Hall said.

Not everyone attends church. Some simply enjoy the day with their loved ones.

“I spent time with my family. We don’t really celebrate [Easter] but we try to be more friendly with others and get each other something. Our tradition is to eat candy basically and have a big chicken or turkey dinner and sit with each other and talk about stuff like what our day is like,” junior Morgan Helton said.

Others don’t get as much time to spend with their families on this holiday. Instead Senior Brenda Perla and Sophomore Taylor Welcher spent the day working.

“I worked all day and went home and cleaned. I did nothing,” Perla said.

Easter is a day for relaxation and love. This holiday is not just for Christians anymore. All people celebrate it in their own way and for their own reasons.

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Evolving Easter