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Cross Country

• Key Runner: Mel Wilson

• Coaches: VanDusen, Nevenski

The end of Cross Country is here! Comelanie Wilson, the only runner from Raytown finished up her season running in Jefferson City for the state championship! She finished in 100th place out of 173 runners. Her efforts and practice finally paid off since she made it to state. Happy with her finish, she feels like she could have done better! She still worked hard and lived by her saying, “No breaks, no benches, no timeouts, from start to finish we run this town.”

Since her season is over now she will be making a decision for which college she will attend. Her choices include Ottawa University, Johnson Whales, Southwest Baptist, and Nebraska University! Hopefully within the next couple years we will see her succeed and be in the New York Marathon, her ultimate goal!

Boys Swimming

Coach: Mr. Azeire

Record: 11-2

- The boys qualified for state in 3 different events.

- They made the top 18 at state.

- The boys finished their season off very strong.

The boys left for State on November 11, 2010. The boys left a day early to enjoy their time, and prepare for the big day. On November 12, everything became serious, and the boys were ready to perform the best possible. The boys worked really hard, and they worked even harder at State. The finished the first two relays in 2nd place, and unfortunately they got disqualified in the 3rd one. Overall their ranking finished at being 18th, which is very good.

Quoted by Senior Stephen Mullally “I’m really proud of the team, and I know that we gave it our all, it was worth all the hard work because it really paid off.”

Michael Adam Fehr says “Although I went as an alternate it was really cool to watch my team do such a great job and swim at State, I’m really happy I could be a part of everything.” The boys had a great season, and everyone is very proud of them.

Girls Golf

Girls GolfCoach: Mr. Gum

Golf has come to a end and all the girls were victorious. Over all the season was great and what they had hoped for. And 2 of our girls are moving o n to the next round. Most of the girls would say the season started off rough but in the end it was all worth it.


• Camp will held at University of Central Missouri

• Camp will cost $150

• $75 is due along with the completed registration on May 20

If you are a football player planning to attend summer camp at the University of Central Missouri see Coach Page. Camp will be held on June 10th threw June 12th. The cost is $150 and $75 of the fee along with a completed registration form is due May 20th. You may turn your money into Mrs. Nicholls in the front office. See Coach Page if you have any questions.


Coaches: Coach Strickland and Coach Lewis

Record: 10-9

Quotes: “We are a strong bonded team, we win together, and we lose together but in the end it’s not the final score that matters it’s that we put all our effort into the game.” -Allison Matthews.

“This season has been a pretty good one, I’m happy with the way we’ve played, we still have so much potential and I really hope we start giving it all we got.” -Jordan Colin.


Boys Soccer

Coach: Mr. Deirking



Varsity Volleyball

• Meet Coach Evens on Thursday 3 p.m to turn in equipments

• Annual Banquet will be coming up soon

• Good Job Lady Blue Jays see you next Year

The Lady Jays JV and Varsity Volleyball team both finish with a 3-11 record. This year they suffer with offensive and defensive problems. They did well with teamwork. As the season come to a end they Lady Jays that will be playing next think long and hard about what they can do to improve. This week and next week the Lady Jays will turn in all equipment and have their banquet to recognize those players who stood out more than the rest.

Na’La Lawrence said, “We could have done better.”

Seniors: Na’La Lawernce Olea Cobbins Brianna Powels Kiah Thorton

JV Volleyball

Record: 3-23

As the JV Volleyball season comes to an end, the JV players think about their performance and consider the upcoming seasons and if they can do better. They think about skills that they can work on to make next year's season alot better than this year. The JV Jays finished with three wins and twenty-three losses.

Freshman Volleyball

- The Freshman girls played against RaySouth Monday, October 11

- Following game on Wednesday, October 13, against Belton

- The girls continue their season with a positive attitude

- Players of the week: Emma Givens and Kristin McCarthy

- “Play good and do well.” –Kayla Craven

Monday, October 11, the freshman girls played against RaySouth at RaySouth. Their heads were held high, with a positive outlook on the game and went into it knowing that they were going to do well, no matter what. As the game continued, the girls’ positive outlook on the game continued and grew stronger. Their next game will be on Wednesday, October 13.


Coach: Ms. Morris

• All the Jaywalkers hit their marks.

• Their high kicks were on point.

• Their spins were perfected; they all spun and stopped at the same time.

Ashley Nieman: “We are very good at working together and work well at practice which turn into good performances”

Last Friday, at the Homecoming game the jaywalkers did a fantastic job. They managed to do well even with low music volume. These girls were able to get the crowd involved while dancing to show school spirit. Their dance was very appealing to the crowd. They also did their fight song dance every time the band played; this helped get the crowd hype after every touch down. Good Job Girls!




• Uniforms are Due March 2nd

• If You Fail To Turn It In, You will be charged

• All Extra fees will be processed on your account after March 18, 2011

Directed By: Ms. Taylor

All cheer and yell leaders must turn in their uniforms to Ms. Taylor in room 217 by March 2, 2011. Make sure that your uniforms are cleaned and ready to turn in. If you do not turn in your uniform, a fee will be added on your school charges. Also, make sure your balance is paid before March 18th or your balance will be added onto your school fees as well. Lets Go Jays!


Boys Basketball


-The season is now coming to an end

-Game against William Chrisman played yesterday 2/15

-Next Game is 2/17, which is a makeup game against Belton

Stats for the Varsity Teams Individuals

Nigel Hopkins; Jersey Number 1: Averages 6.3 points a game

Raiyan McKinney; Jersey Number 12: Averages .9 points a game

Xavier Rider; Jersey Number 14: Averages 5.5 points a game

Ramon Johnson; Jersey Number 20: Averages 1.7 points a game

Garron Dumas; Jersey Number 22: Averages 12.4 points a game

Terrance Hill; Jersey number 24: Averages 1.4 points a game

Andre Jordan; Jersey Number 35: Averages 10.6 points a game

Aaron Tate; Jersey Number 43: Averages 11.3 points a game

Trenton Richardson; Jersey Number 44: Averages: 11.5 points a game

AJ Burton; Jersey Number 52: Averages 9.1 points a game

Season Totals: Average 58.7 points a game


The boys have been doing a remarkable job this season. Yesterday, January 4th, the boys played away against Winnetonka and did a superb job. The players exceeded by showing off their plays and teamwork planned out fairly well. They have grown as a team through out the season. Working hard is the cause of the team winning games.


Due to inclement weather the freshmen boy’s basketball tournament has been cancelled. The tournament will not be rescheduled. Player, William Adams said, “The team is upset because the season is now officially over.” The boys had a decent season.

Girls Basketball


• Girls are on a 4 game win streak.

• Excited about districts.

• Girls need more support.

The Varsity Girls basketball girls are on a four game winning streak. They had a lot of fast break points - and as many as three fast breaks in a row. They lead the game by thirty points at one point. Sophomore Kelsey Barrett had an excellent game. The final score of the previous game against Belton was 57-26. They're looking forward to playing against Ray-South again this Saturday with hopes of winning like last week - by 45 points. The whole team says they are going to win state. Junior Timeka O’Neal says: "Offense gets tickets, while defense win champisonships."


• When: Thursday 27, 2011

• Where: Raytown High School

• Who: Raytown JV/V Girls vs. William ChrismanJV/V Girls

The Raytown JV girls are fired up after losing to Park Hill South last week. They are, however, more fired up then ever to win against William Chrisman. “I feel very confident going into Thursday’s game,” says JV player Andrea Chism, “ and I feel like we need this victory in order to get back on track with this season.”


• Home game against Grandview

• Won 36 to 11

Raytown played a great game against Grandview. Along with many key plays they were victorious with a score of 36 to 11. This was the last game of there season. Great job Raytown Bluejay freshmen girls.

Girls Swimming

- Coach: Mrs. Young

- Captains: Kaytlynn Clemons, Samantha Basket, Johanna Kelly, and Kelsie Pretch

- State took place Feb 17th-19th in St. Louis, MO. T

he ladies had a tremendous performance at state. The five ladies that qualified for state were Monica Hernandez, Spencer Kuehl, Kaytlynn Clemons, Andrea Layton, and Haley Parker.

Monica Hernandez finished will all state honors in the 100 breaststroke by finishing 4th overall! Hernandez was also ranked 1st in the Kansas City area.

Kuehl, Hernandez, Clemons, and Layton’s 200 medley relay made it to the finals and earned all state honorable mention. The relay also broke the school record!

Kuehl and Parker swam their 100 freestyle, in under a minute, for the first time! All of the ladies dropped time and had a good preformence.


Next Match: Thursday and Friday State Tournament at Columbia Final

Record: 4-9

Last weekend the boy’s varsity wrestling competed in their district tournament at Warrensburg against fourteen others schools. The Blue Jays fought hard to achieve the top three finishing positions. Many wrestlers made it to the final round, but three very special wrestlers come up on top.

• State Qualifiers:

• Dakota Starnet

• Dwayne West

• Hassan Dean

This weekend, these three boys will compete in the state tournament against over one hundred other wrestlers. Two of the three boys are ranked in the top ten in state (Dakota Starnet 7th, Dwayne West 9th).

“Gold medals aren't really made of gold. They're made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts,” said West.

The school hopes for great success out of the boys. Congratulations.



-The boys record is 2-10

-They play tonight against Raytown South at 4:00pm

-The boys are doing their best and hope to progress throughout the season.

The Raytown Junior Varsity baseball team now has a record of 2-10. The boys are playing their best, and know their record will improve! The JV baseball team last played Lee Summit West with a close score of 8-9 although they lost, they know they worked hard. The team is working very hard and appreciates all support from Raytown students. Their next game will be against Raytown South at 4:00pm and they hope to see everyone there! Good luck boys!

Boys Golf*

- Varsity boys’ have a game Today at 12:30 pm

- Against Grandview and Ray-Pec

- At Grand Summit

The varsity boys’ golf have a game today against Grandview and Ray-Pec at Grand Summit at 12:30 pm. Good luck boys’! After the games are done, practices will resume in setions.

Girls Soccer*

Junior Varsity

• Monday May 2, Home game at 5 pm against William Chrisman

• Tuesday May 3, Home game at 5 pm against Fort Osage

• Thursday May 5, Away against Belton

JV girls have a game at 5 pm here at Raytown against William Chrisman, and lost 1-0. Tuesday May 3 they had a home game against Fort Osage, and also lost 2-0. Game Thursday May 5 a game against Belton at Belton. Friday a game here at Raytown against Blue Spring South.


• Lady Jays won against Fort Oasge 4-1

• Won against Oakpark 3-1

• Play Belton today at Belton

The Lady Jays current record is 14-1-3. They play against Fort Oasge May 6 at Fort Osage. The game will start at 6:30pm. There next game is Thursday, May 5 at Belton. The game will start at 6:30pm.



• Track meet at Grandview High School at four o’clock on Tuesday, April 5, 2011

• Track meet at Raytown High School at four o’clock on Thursday, April 7, 2011

• Track meet at Lee Summit High School in the morning on Saturday, April 9, 2011

The meet on Tuesday was a great success! Raytown track athletes medaled in every race, and many of them achieved their goals. The track team will be busy this week; with two more meets to go. Though there’s a lot of pressure, the athletes are prepared and ready to go. Good Luck!


• Conference starts Wednesday, May 4th to Friday, May 6th.

• Collecting t-shirt money for banquet

• Getting ready for the end of the season

Girls track have finally made it to what they have been working hard for…. Conference! The track team is selling T-shirts for their banquet and their track shirts. They will be selling these shirts for 15.00. Come out and support your Raytown girls track team!