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Academic Team

Academic Team competes in events similar to trivia games but are much tougher. The goal isn't to win, though; it's to have fun.

  • Sponsered by Mrs. David and Mrs. Cobden
  • Meets every Tuesday at 2:30 in room 223
  • The club motto is "Try, try again"
Debate and Forensics

• Attended the Oak Park and Winnetonka Invitational’s

• Adam Fehr advanced to the Super Session of Student Congress

• The Debaters’ did very well and received various awards

“Its very hard, but its is worth it. Debate is Fantastical!”—Paige Keeton

Directed By: Mr. Harris

Varsity attended the Oak Park invitational while the first year competitors attended Winnetonka’s. RHS finished 6th overall out of 25 different schools at Winnetonka’s debate. Top finishers in this weekend were: Paige Keeton in Super Session of Student Congress, Paige with Cory McAlister 6th in Public Forum Debate, Claire Robinson 4th in Student Congress, Emma Givens 5th in Original Oration and 3rd in Prose Reading, and Olea Cobbins 2nd in Prose Reading and congratulations to all who represent RHS with great pride.

Color Guard

Art Club brings out the artistic ablities of its members. They are responsible for much of the wonderful artwork in the school's halls. Anyone interested in art can be a member. Mrs. Taul sponsors the club and they meet every other Thursday in room 305.


DECA helps to develop its members leadership skills, civic consciousness, social intelligence, and vocational understanding. Headed by co-presidents Aaron Babusea-Lucas and Gaby Green, the group participates in leadership conferences, Trunk-or-Treat, and the Entrepreneurship Carnival. Their motto is "An Association of Marketing Students." They meet wednesday afternoons in room 25 or 26.


Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is designed to teach students presentation, critical thinking, and listening skills as they relate to business. They often participate in community effort projects as competition. It is composed of students from every grade and anyone can join.

  • Sponsered by Mrs. Arnold
  • Meets on the first and third thursdays of the month in room 35
  • Thier motto is "Straight V.I.P."
Mixed Media Ninjas

Their videos are famous in the school, and yet what they really do and how they do it is shrouded in mystery. They are the Mixed Media Ninjas, and their story is here.

“We work when there is work to do and don’t when there’s not,” explained the leader of the Ninjas, Jeff Dierking. Dierking described how the videos the Ninjas perform were never actually planned out. Usually someone just has an idea, they pick who will be in the video, and a short script is written in the span of a few days or so, whether a meeting was scheduled or not. After a day the different scenes of the video are shot, sometimes during, sometimes after school.

“You remember the five minute video we did for the Dress Code assembly? Well it took about thirteen hours of filming and editing just to get that tiny thing together,” said Dierking. While the filming actually takes place there is a lot of stopping and starting because of the lack of rehearsal time, or sometimes people just laugh at whatever is being said or done on camera. Since very few people are officially “in” the Ninjas, it presents an interesting opportunity to the few members. They are able to “recruit” anyone they want to be in or help with their skits, bringing together a potentially explosive group of hilarious people.

“What we do isn’t really acting. It’s more like getting genuinely funny people to do what they do every day, just on camera.” Dierking said. The regulars of the Ninjas movies are always very bright, bouncy personalities.

“As a group we create comedy that can’t be topped. It’s Fantastilistic.” Said veteran Ninja, Keenan Kahler. As the purveyors of entertainment for assemblies year round, the Mixed Media Ninjas have their work cut out for them.

Key Club

• April 15 is the day for relay for life

• The students are raising 100 dollars per person.

Relay for Life Relay for life is this Friday April 15 at 7:00pm to 7:00Am. The students that are dong relay for life are raising $100 and if they don’t they are not able to stay for the full time. Help the students get the money to help the cancer patients

Literary Magazine

Literary Magazine is a club devoted to displaying student writing and artwork outside of the classroom. Any student can join and submit their work.

  • Sponsered by Ms. Mikkelsen
  • Edited by Corey and Kayla
  • Meets Wednesdays at 2:30 to 3:30 in room 209

• The Jaybots competed against 29 other teams

• They completed Quarter Finals before being eliminated after 3 matches.

• The team is advised by Mr. Belotti, Mr. Pyatt and Mr. Wadleigh.

The RHS students were able to compete in the Robotics Competition Saturday November 6th at 7a.m to 5p.m. They were able to compete in the Quarterfinal before being eliminated after 3 matches. Mr. Belotti , Mr. Pyatt, and Mr. Wadleigh are the adviser’s of team. Lorrie McGayhee, Tyler Dixon, Charles Lopez, Aaron Lemmerman, Marquan Lomax, Bobby Brooks, Makima Watts, Rebecca Orr, Chris Smith, Connor Smith, Cody Smith, Evan Steele, Tommy Severt, Robbie Ledbetter, Austin Francis, Chris Himenez, and Klint Ludwig all competed in the competition. Bobby Brooks say’s

“We did good and our new people also did good for it being their first time competing, an I feel we will have a good season this year.” There will be a following competition in a few weeks.

National Honor Society

National Honor Society builds leadership for its members and awards their service with scholarships. Prospective members must have good behavior, at least a 3.5 GPA, and a commitment to serving the community. It is sponsored by Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Barchak and they meet once a month on tuesday afternoon or thursday morning.


• Every Friday for 3 dollars a plate.

• Members will start selling at 6:40 and stops selling at 7:10am.

• Sells went great and there will be another sell Friday 3/11

At the last pancake breakfast FCCLA raised over $50 for the state trip to Columbia at the end of this month. There will be another sell on Friday March 3rd. A plate will be sold for $3 in room 100 from 6:40am to 7:10am. All proceeds go to the state trip to Columbia at the end of the month. FCCLA has one finalist for state this year. And FCCLA would like to thank all of the teachers who have funded the trip.

On Monday, November 1, 2010 in Latino culture club, they watched a movie called, Under The Same Moon. It’s a tale about a little boy and his mother being separated and the little boy crossed the border to the United States, to look for his mother in L.A. But, before the movie began we discussed the matter on the mural by the nurse’s office for Dia De Los Muertos, and how only one person put a picture in the compartment, but it looked extravagant.

• April 28th- 30th

• Raytown High School

• Josh Ellison- Romeo

As the final weeks of rehearsal begin the level of intensity has increased. After asking Josh Ellison (Romeo) his opinion on the status of the play he said, “People are doing great. The amount of talent that we have in this play is great. I feel that, compared to day 1, rehearsal has gotten way better and I also feel that the show will be great.”


Tech club is responsible for the behind-the-scenes work in Raytown High's theatre productions. Their motto is "No drama, just theatre." It sponsored by Tim Rothwell and they meet in the school auditorium Wednesdays after school.

Student Council is the force behind many of the changes in RHS services and charitable causes. They also host all of the school dances. Their sponsor is Mrs. Pyatt and they meet every other Wednesday in the cafeteria.

Math club is dedicated to practicing math skills. It is open to anyone. Their motto is "Math is Fun." The club's sponsor is Mrs. Pitcher and they meet after school on the second Thursday of every month.

“The purpose of philosophy club is to encourage students to question everything and fear nothing.”—Mr. Duff

• Be logical and join Philosophy Club!

• If interested in joining Philosophy Club, get more info from Mr. Duff

• Meeting will be held Tuesdays after school in room 209

Directed By: Mr. Duff

Philosophy club is a club to talk about different issues. Different opinions are stated and those who agree or don’t get to comment. Although everyone has their own opinion the philosophy club is where everyone’s opinion can be heard whether people agree or disagree. It’s a place to think logical and understand others without being judged. Let your opinion count and come join philosophy club.

• Mrs. Boyd and Mrs. Dauzvardis

• Mentors: Juan Bentancure, Cornel Johnson, Belinda Sell, and Cornel Johnson

• C = Community, R = Respect, A = Acceptance, S = Support, H = Honesty.

The Crash Course is a group of students randomly selected to share their experiences. The goal is for them to come together on an understanding about what they have been through. They are there to realize that we are all different but still have a lot in common. Therefore, we need to be more accepting and tolerant of those around us.

• Meeting Every Friday In Room 302

• Christmas Snacks Will Be Served

• All Members Are d Encouraged To Bring A Friend

Directed By: Ms.Thompson

President: Jose Serrano

Every Friday the Japanese Culture Club meets in room 302. During this month they will be talking about how people in Japan celebrate Christmas. The club does many different activities involving things of the Japanese culture. The next couple of meeting they will discuss their costumes for Christmas. Since Japan is a Buddhist Nation, they do not really celebrate Christmas but lately they have been adapting this holiday. So, if you would like to learn more about it then come to the meeting and bring a friend. Anyone is welcome to join, so please come and support us learn about different cultures of the world.

Mediation Team helps to keep the school a safe environment by helping students resolve conflicts. The team meets as needed to resolve these issues.


Last week many students went to state contest, to perform their best singing voices. To make it to state first you had to do good all year and get a one at district contest. Over twenty students got a one at district and went on to state contest, the following are the score each student got:

• 1(Superior)- Christina VanNess, Abby Treat, Emily Carney, Alex Accurso

• 2(Excellent)- Mike Day, Sahricka Eng, Ciera Clark, Camila Gomez, Josh Hulme, Monica Hernandez, Olea Cobbin, Noelle Eithun, Emily Carney, Julia Hamilton, Alex Accurso, Dayton Saling, Mark Wilkes, Juan Betancur, Olea Cobbins, Noelle Eithun, Michael Villareal, Tim Tran, Christina VanNess, Lauren Reynolds, Belinda Sell, Jose Salinas, Alex Gaskill